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Pedigree Wholesale adds biscuit treat range from Cooper & Co 

Pedigree Wholesale has launched a new biscuit dog treat range from its Cooper & Co branch, which are crafted in Devon, and contain ingredients that target different functions and benefits. 

Cooper & Co was developed in-house by Pedigree Wholesale to provide a perfectly balanced diet for Cooper, the dog owned by the company’s Chief Executive Steve Brown.  

Every pouch of Cooper & Co Biscuits contains no added salt, sugars, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. 

The range consists of six recipes:  

  • Active, which is aimed at high-energy dogs, made with turkey, which can help strengthen a dog’s bones, muscles and teeth. It also contains spinach, which is high in iron to help support muscle development.  
  • Sensitive, made with carob and coconut, is perfect for dogs with delicate tummies. Carob is an excellent source of fibre and helps to improve digestion, whilst Coconut is packed with antioxidants that can help support the immune system.
  • Calming, made with duck with lavender, and is great for dogs who are anxious or excitable. Duck is rich in antioxidants and packs the treats with extra flavour, while the lavender features soothing effects to help calm anxiety and stress.  
  • Glossy, made with salmon with spirulina, helps promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Salmon is a good source of omega 3 & 6, and spirulina contains many essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties to help support skin & coat.  
  • Puppy, made from peanut butter, which is high in nutrients and fibre, plus it is a good source of healthy fats. It also contains blueberries, which help to support the immune system and are a delicious addition for puppies.  
  • Senior is made with turkey, which contains phosphorus, helping to improve bone strength, muscle growth, and tooth health. The addition of sweet potato in the Senior recipe, one of the best dietary sources of Vitamin A, can help promote healthy skin, coats, eyes, nerves and muscles in dogs.

All recipes are made with chickpea flour, which is a natural source of protein. 

Cooper & Co Biscuit treats, which retail at £4.99, are available exclusively to the specialist pet trade through Pedigree Wholesale.

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