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Carnilove adds new freeze-dried treats

Carnilove has extended its range with new freeze-dried treats made from up to 96% fresh meat.

The Carnilove Freeze Dried RAW range includes four flavours, including two mono protein recipes suitable for puppies and dogs that require a single protein. The range comprises Venison & Turkey and Salmon & Turkey that are suitable for adult dogs and Lamb mono protein and Turkey mono protein that are suitable for adult dogs and puppies.

The freeze-drying process is designed to retain flavour, aroma and nutrients. The range is grain and potato free and contain no artificial preservatives, flavour or colouring.

Colin Rodger, Managing Director of BSB Products that exclusively imports and distributes Carnilove products in the UK, said: “These Freeze-Dried RAW Treats are a great addition to the range with up to 96% meat content bringing exceptional quality.”

The range comes in 60g bags retailing at around £4.99 for Turkey, Venison & Turkey and Salmon & Turkey and £6.99 for Lamb. The new lines replace Carnilove True Fresh Rabbit and Duck Freeze Dried Treats, which have been discontinued.

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