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Doggy Doggy Yum Yum unveils improved recipe

Artisan ice cream company Baboo Gelato, based in Dorset, has launched an improved recipe for its Doggy Doggy Yum Yum frozen treat that removes ultra processed food emulsifiers and stabilisers from the product.

Made with 100% peanut butter with no xylitol and bananas, the frozen treat uses coconut milk instead of dairy so it is kinder to dogs’ tummies.

The new recipe also includes organic agave syrup rather than refined sugars, Keepers Mix Sensitive (0.25%) from herbal pet supplement company Dorwest, and vegetable fibre.  Doggy Doggy contains no artificial flavourings, colours or refined sugars.

Baboo Gelato Founder Sam Hanbury said: “Much of our sales come from our kiosks which help us to know exactly what customers want. This is how Doggy Doggy Yum Yum came about.

“We found that people were buying ice cream for their dogs, and we were concerned that dogs are lactose intolerant.  We experimented with different ingredients, before creating an entirely lactose-free, emulsifier-free, stabiliser-free product.”

Doggy Doggy Yum Yum won a distribution deal two years ago with Pedigree Wholesale and is also available to buy in pets shops, dog friendly cafes, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and pubs.

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