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Ipswich groomers merge

Two Ipswich-based dog grooming companies are merging to form a new business.

Grooming Dales – a business formed by TopDog Grooming and The Dales Groomer which are owned by Mahlia Cope and Lee Taylor – will open on 4 January.

Cope, owner of from TopDog Grooming, told Ipswich Star: “Lee and I met because I groom his dog, and we got on really well and we have decided to partner together. We wanted to combine because, over the years, it’s been a struggle to do grooming and lift things up, because they’re heavy to handle.

“In the past, I have had to stop doing the big dogs because of this, so obviously it’s great to partner with someone who can do the big dogs. Lee has big equipment, he has a really big electric table, and the biggest bath you can get with doors that slide open and a ramp comes down so that they can get up and down safely. Then I can cater for smaller dogs because my tables are smaller, my bath is smaller.”

Grooming Dales’ new premises will open on the Dales Court business centre in Ipswich, just off Dales Road.

“The space is bigger than what I currently have. It is one room but it is partitioned down the middle so we will still be separate but we are there to help each other,” Cope added.

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