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Self-service dog wash opens in Swindon

A new self-service dog has opened in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Dog Wash Swindon, owned by Linzie Cohen and her partner Ollie Taylor, is located in Cheney Manor’s BSS House.

The dog-washing station has a ramp that dogs can stroll up to get onto the platform and then be attached with a lead to the machine. Owners can then push buttons to help wash, shampoo, condition, and dry their pets.

The room is waterproof, so any splashes can be contained, and the triple-filter drain can deal with any loose fur.

Cohen Told the Swindon Advertiser: “Like a lot of people, I have a dog that needs bathing but it’s hard to do at home and I can’t go to the groomers every week. So, I started a spa that provides a quick, easy, and affordable way of washing your dog – it’s quite big in Europe but not in the UK, and I’ve always wanted to set up a dog business.

“It was a big project that took a while to get ready. Ollie and I had to drive to the Netherlands to pick up the custom-made machine.

“Some dogs are very large, which makes washing them even more difficult, and you don’t always know what products dog groomers are using on your pets. Here, you can rest easy knowing there’s plenty of space, there’s no nasty chemicals in the shampoo or anything like that, and it’s easy to use.”

She added: “I’ve had lots of great feedback and I’m so happy with how things are going. The dogs coming out smelling nice and looking fluffy afterwards.”

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