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Cost-of-living crisis putting people off dog ownership

More than 60% of people who don’t currently own a dog think the rising cost of living would prevent them from getting one in 2023, new research reveals.

A new poll carried out by YouGov on behalf of Dogs Trust shows that 36% of those who don’t currently own a dog said the cost-of-living crisis ‘definitely would’ prevent them from getting one in 2023 and 25% said it ‘probably would’.

The research shows vet bills are the biggest financial worry for dog owners, followed by the cost of dog food (18%) and pet insurance (16%).

In addition, the research reveals that fewer dog owners will be going away for a Christmas break this year, with 9% of dog owners saying they would be staying home because they can’t afford a dog sitter.

The news came as Dogs Trust revealed that it has had 50,000 requests this year from owners asking the charity to take in their dog, a new record in the charity’s history.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Dogs Trust, said: “Although it was inevitable that we would reach 50,000 calls from owners no longer able to care for their dogs, it’s still a shock and a stark signifier of the animal welfare crisis the UK now finds itself in.

“Through our December poll, dog owners have told us they’re going to struggle this Christmas, and many more are really worried about what 2023 is going to bring.”

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