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Dog dies after ‘accident’ in East Ayrshire kennels

A dog has died after an ‘accident’ at North Glassock Kennels in Fenwick, East Ayrshire.

The incident, which happened on 31 March, happened just after owner Dawn O’Brien left her dog, Marshall, a Jack Russell and French Bull Dog cross, at the kennels as she prepared to go away on holiday.

Just hours later, O’Brien said the kennels called to say there had been an accident and 4-year-old Marshall had died.

O’ Brien told The Daily Record: “I got the call when I was still at home and they said there had been an accident. I asked if he was okay and they said no, he had passed away.

“They said he had climbed the kennel and got his snout stuck in the lid. He was hanging there and they were only out of the room for 10 minutes. When they came back, he had dropped onto the floor.”

In a statement, North Glassock Kennels said: “All at North Glassock Kennels and Cattery are upset at the death of Marshall O’Brian.

“The body was taken to the local Veterinary Surgery, which was paid for by kennel owner Mrs Leslie, along with the cremation and mementos as requested by the owners. The owners did not ask for an autopsy at the time, so no cause of death was proven.

“The death was reported to Kilmarnock County Council health and safety department (the kennel licence issuer); all required procedures were followed.

“Professional bodies, The Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) and Kilmarnock County Council Health and Safety Department carried out separate inspections after and relating to the death. No reports have yet been sent out or published.”


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