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Dog dies after ‘tragic accident’ at Worcester kennels

A kennels in Worcestershire has made changes to on-site fencing after a dog died in a “tragic accident”.

Serena Smith left her two dogs – eight-year-old Lemmy and three-year-old Teddy – at Beloved Kennels and Doggie Day Care on 3 June. However, later that day she received a call saying that Lemmy, a cavapoo, had died.

Smith alleges that the two dogs had been separated despite the kennels being warned that they had severe separation anxiety.

Her aunt Amanda Wright told Worcester News: “I asked what the hell happened and the girl at the kennels said that Lemmy and Teddy had become separated in a field and Lemmy had strangled to death.”

In response, a spokesperson for Beloved Kennels and Doggie Day Care told the newspaper: “We have now put wire fencing across the posts and rails used to support the gate, to prevent anything similar to this happening again.

“The contractor who installed the fencing is also going to visit with all other kennels and sites where he has installed this secure field system to do the same thing, to prevent anything similar happening in another location elsewhere in the country.”

The spokesperson added: “Alongside day care and boarding, we do a lot of work rehoming and rehabilitating rescue dogs, and care for dogs from the social services whose owners are in hospital, so safety and security are paramount to us.

“We love all our dogs as if they are our own, and have all been incredibly distressed and saddened by the events of last week.”

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