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Petition calls for tighter fire safety at Scots kennels

Almost 23,000 people have signed a petition calling for tighter safety regulations at kennels after five dogs were killed in a tragic fire at boarding kennels on in East Kilbride. 

Kennels are currently only required a fire extinguisher on-site to comply with fire safety regulations. However, the petition calls for every kennel in Scotland to be fitted with sprinklers, smoke alarms and fire alarms to give dogs a better chance in the event of a blaze. 

Julie Louden is campaigning for the change after her dog Monty, was killed in the blaze on 3 June. The two-year-old Westiepoo was boarded at Kirkland K9, in East Renfrewshire, while she visited family.

While it is currently unknown how the fire started, police ruled that the blaze was not suspicious.

In response, Louden has lodged a petition to the Scottish government to get the safety standards changed. 

Louden told the Daily Record: “I think by the time someone saw the fire, it had been going on for a couple of hours so it was too far gone to save any of the dogs. The kennel had all of its certificates and had obliged with all of the fire regulations. 

“They had followed the guidelines, but in my opinion, the guidelines just weren’t stringent enough. There is new guidance but it’s not mandated and it’s not legislated. 

“I want early detection fire equipment made law at all boarding kennels to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I wouldn’t want any other family to go through what we have all had to go through knowing our beloved pets died in such horrendous circumstances.” 

Rangers and Hearts football player Alex Lowry, who also lost his miniature dachshund puppy Sunny in the fire, has backed Louden’s calls for better fire safety measures. 

Writing on Instagram, he said: “During summer while we were on holiday one of my girlfriend and I’s pups Sunny tragically died in a fire at the boarders she was staying at (Kirkland K9). 

“She would have lived if there were fire regulations in place. Please take a second to sign this petition for kennels to require fire/smoke alarms.” 

The Scottish government has said it will carefully consider the issues raised in the petition and respond in due course.

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