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American Bully XL owned by Caterham dog walker killed in attack put to sleep

An American Bully XL that belonged to Natasha Johnston, the Caterham dog walker who died after a dog attack incident, has been put to sleep, police have confirmed.

According to Surrey Police, the dog was the only one out of the eight the police ceased to be put to sleep, while two others (Dachshunds) were returned to their owners last month.

A Surrey Police spokesperson said: “We have now received a forensic veterinary report and this has been shared with the Surrey Coroner.

“As a result of this, two dogs (both Dachshunds) were returned to their owner at the end of April and one dog, which belonged to the deceased, has been put to sleep.

“The five other dogs remain in private kennels and we are speaking with their owners regarding recommendations from the report.

“The breed of dog that was put to sleep is believed to be an American Bully XL.”

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