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Brighton barber takes up dog grooming alongside full-time barbering

A Brighton barber has trained to be a dog groomer and is now splitting his time between barbering and working at a grooming parlour.

Cameron Simpson is a skilled barber but was keen to add dog grooming to his skillset .

He now works six days a week splitting his time between barbering, and working at Slobber & Chops grooming parlour in Kemptown.

He said: “Working in the same place five days a week can become stagnant so I wanted to apply the skills that I already know to another forte.

“I’ve had dogs growing up, but at this stage of my life, I do not have one. So this gives me the canine fix I was missing too, getting to see the clients’ gorgeous dogs.”

He added:  “I really did think there would be more of a similarity between dog grooming and barbering but I was kind of shocked how different it really was.

“I really had to start from scratch again.”

“There is only three real different hair types for humans and each head looks the same same, with dogs that are hundreds of breed standard haircuts to remember and then there is the difficulty of getting the dogs to stay still whilst grooming them.

“Dog grooming has made me appreciate how lucky it is to be able to cut someone who sits still when barbering.”

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