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Cornwall home grooming salon opens

Groomer Dawn Libby has opened a new home grooming salon in Saltash, Cornwall.

Shampooch Dog Grooming Parlour has a no-restraints policy, which sets her business apart from many other salons.

Libby told The Plymouth Herald: “I’ve been absolutely inundated with messages and a lot of people are interested because I don’t work with restraints. The dogs aren’t tied up on the table or in the bath.

“I’ve trained under Eve Somers, one of the highest-qualified groomers in the country. It’s a gold standard of training and Eve doesn’t work with restraints and thinks that a dog should be free to communicate how they are feeling. I’ve been trained in positive handling so quite a few people have said they have nervous dogs and are interested in my no restraints and one-to-one service.”

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