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Bucks groomers moves premises

Buckingham-based Woofs and Washes is moving premises after a proposed rent rise made the company’s previous site unaffordable.

Groomer Natalie Ayris announced a month ago that she was having to close her Woofs and Washes dog grooming salon in Cornwall Place due to the rent rise, meanwhile a two-week trip to visit her sister in Australia had also inspired her to emigrate.

Ayris told the Bucks Herald: “I messaged a few groomers and then the following day had The Mutt Hut respond to me to say that she’d be interested in me running a table. And then later that week she told me there was space for two tables so now all three of us can go, and alternate on Saturdays.

“It is absolutely lovely that she’s done that, it’s really helped us out. It means we’ve all got that sort of stepping stone and the girls can decide what to do, and then when I leave for Australia in January, the girls will keep the company running so that they can continue the legacy of it.

“We do have a loyal following. So many of our customers commented on the original post when I said we were closing, and they’ve all said that they want to stick with us and they want to follow us.

“And for now I’ve got the rest of this year to sort of ease the transition for them, get them so that they feel comfortable with either Sophie or Nicola, so that they can continue to stay with Woofs and Washes and know that their dogs are going to be treated the same, and know that we follow the same ethics.”

Woofs and Washes will continue trading from The Mutt Hut from 2 May.

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