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Somerset groomer seeks permission for garden salon

Groomer Courtney Sellick has applied to Somerset Council for a change of use permission for a bar in her garden to be turned into a salon at Oaken Ground, Rockwell Green.

Sellick, who currently works at a salon outside Wellington, would groom a maximum of 25 dogs a week with appointments of between 30 minutes and three hours.

The salon would run between 8am and 5.30pm during the week and possibly once or twice a month on Saturdays.

In her submission to the council, she says: “With Rockwell Green expanding with the new housing estates just outside, there is a growing demand for dog grooming in this area. There already are very few salons up in Wellington, all of which get booked up months in advance, most turning away any new customers.

“This means the growing population is struggling to get their dogs to a groomer, which can result in serious health implications for these animals and puts their welfare at risk. More people are being turned away from groomers and end up at the vets for emergency mat shaving, nail clipping, skin irritations, parasite infestations and much more serious conditions.”

Sellick hopes to specialise in “grooming anxious dogs which this town does not yet offer”.

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