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Bothwell dog trainer aiming to change image of XL Bullies

Dog trainer Deeps Jagdev, from Bothwell in Lanarkshire, is running weekly sessions for XL Bully owners in a bid to change the image of the breed. 

Jagdev, owner of The Dog Mother, started hosting weelky walks in a bid to build owners’ confidence after the new ban.  

The latest ‘Hold Your Muzzle High’ sessions saw her take six XL Bullies on a walk around Lanarkshire’s Strathclyde Country Park.

Jagdev told Clyde 1 News: “I’ve had a fantastic response, and I actually didn’t expect it to be as big when I first started organising it. The atmosphere is great, all the dogs are well behaved on their leads and with the muzzles. 

“Really it’s to show that they should be proud owners who shouldn’t have to worry. We have the exact same freedom as every other owner and we should be allowed to walk in public without the stigma attached. 

“We’ve had so many positive comments from passers-by.” 

Jagdev is hosting another Hold Your Muzzle High event at Strathclyde Country Park on Friday 22 March at 9.30 am. 

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