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Trainers provide services for American Bully XL owners

Dog trainers across the UK have offered free and discounted services to help owners of American Bully XLs train their dogs ahead of the impending ban of the breed.

Details about how the ban will affect owners of existing dogs have not fully emerged, but the government said: “Current XL Bully dog owners do not need to take any action at this stage however, if XL Bully owners do not come forward during the transition period, they will be committing a criminal offence if they are subsequently found to be keeping one of these dogs.”

The UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer Christine Middlemiss, said there would be an amnesty before a ban on XL bullies, under which owners would be required to register their pet, have them neutered and microchipped and keep them leashed and muzzled in public.

The Ipswich Dog Trainer, owned by Leanne Milburn-Turner, has announced they will be hosting a number of events “purely for XL breeds and their owners before the ban comes in”.

The company said on social media: “At The Ipswich Dog Trainer we believe all dogs and handlers should be treated as equal and that every dog should have the chance to be trained and socialised in the correct way.

“There are a lot of worried owners of XL Bullies at the moment and we want to help as much as we can.”

In addition, the TLC Dog Academy & Walking in Milton Keynes/Northampton is also offering free muzzle training for XL Bullies, with trainer Maddie Bell-Ashe telling the BBC: “There’s a massive stigma attached to [muzzles]; they’re already scared that people are going to think they’re aggressive and now if they’re having to muzzle their dog, they’re worried about that even further.”

Cumbrian trainer Carrie Morgan, who owns Welly and Tails in Penrith, will also host a free muzzle training session to aid and educate any owners who are uncertain about the ban. She told the News and Star: “There’s definitely a lot that people can do and that’s why people shouldn’t be turning them in to rescues – that’s the worst thing you could do for your dog.

“The best you can get your dog to behave now is only going to help its chances if the worst comes to worst and it is seized.”

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