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Interacting with dogs ‘boosts’ brainwaves and relaxation 

Playing and engaging in certain activities with dogs can significantly enhance brain waves linked to well-being, new research suggests. 

The new study, led by Konkuk University doctoral student Onyoo Yoo, found that specific activities with dogs can lead to increased brain wave activity associated with relaxation, emotional stability, attention, concentration, and creativity. 

Published in the journal Plos One, the research involved 15 men and 15 women who engaged in activities such as meeting, playing, feeding, massaging, grooming, photographing, hugging and walking with a trained poodle. Brain wave measurements were taken during each activity.  

Playing and walking with the dog were found to increase alpha-band oscillations, indicating a state of relaxation and stability. Meanwhile, grooming, massaging and playing were associated with strengthened beta-band oscillations, reflecting improved attention, and concentration. 

The researchers wrote: “This study demonstrated that specific dog activities could activate stronger relaxation, emotional stability, attention, concentration, and creativity by facilitating increased brain activity.” 

The findings suggest that incorporating specific dog activities could be added to traditional therapies for managing mental health and well-being.

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