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Vigilance advised after spate of dog injuries caused by poison

Dog walkers have been urged to remain vigilant after several incidents involving dogs becoming ill by poison found in parks across the country.

Writing on social media, Glasgow City Council told dog walkers to keep their pets under close control and to remain vigilant when their dogs investigate items on the ground after rat poison was found at Pollock Country Park.

A dog was “seriously injured” after eating the poison, which according to the council was left “maliciously”.

Police have stepped up patrols in the park following the incident.

Meanwhile, Roebuck Veterinary Group urged people to avoid walking their dogs in or around Chells Park, Stevenage, including the woods.

On a social media statement, the group said two dogs came into one of their practices after having eaten “something potentially toxic”.

It added: “This not believed to be on purpose. We believe the content is potentially faecal matter with an unknown substance within.

“Other practices within the area are also treating dogs with similar cases.”

In addition, a dog died after suspected poisoning at an estate in Midhurst, Sussex, days after a rare eagle also died of poison in West Sussex.

Finally, an Exeter a dog owner said she saw pink pellets scattered around the trees in Exwick Playing Fields.

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