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Wild and Game reveals dog treat range

Wild game specialist Wild and Game has expanded its offering with the launch of a Venison dog treats range.

The new line comprises four varieties, including Venison Dog Treats, Venison and Pheasant Dog Treats, Venison and Partridge Dog Treats, Venison Dental Dog Treats.

The company said it had taken human-grade venison and supplemented it with red and white quinoa to create the range.

Each pack weighs 75 grams and is currently retailing at £5.99

They are also available as an eight-pack which includes two of each variety for only £48.

The new line is now available to order for delivery on the Wild and Game website or can be collected from the company’s Yeovil headquarters.

Wild and Game co-founder Steven Frampton said: “We’re seeing an increased appetite for game as people realise that eating game is a sustainable and sensible alternative to eating farmed meat – and if anyone has given some leftovers to their dog then they’ll know how delicious our four-legged friends find it.

“It made sense to us to launch a range of venison-based dog treats. Using game helps to maintain natural balance and biodiversity while producing meat that is lean and free from hormones and antibiotics.”


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