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Two dogs die after eating unknown substance in Liverpool park

Two dogs have died after falling ill after eating an unknown white substance in a park close to Childwall Valley Road, Liverpool.

Police received a report from a veterinary surgery on Monday 22nd January 2024 noting that a number of dogs had been brought to the surgery, with two dying, one being seriously ill and one still being treated.

Dog walkers were advised to avoid the area which was cordoned off while police was completing enquiries but the police scene has now been stood down.

Specialist contractors removed the substance and will be forensically tested.

Chief Superintendent Jonathan Davies said: “The airborne risk from the substance is low.

“Anyone who believes they were in the area yesterday and came into direct contact with the substance is advised to seek medical assistance if they believe they have suffered any ill effects.

“We would always advise anyone who comes across an unknown substance to not touch but to report it to police.”


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