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PACT’s positive scholarship programme opens for applications

The Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT) has launched the second round of its Positive Scholarship programme, designed to improve inclusivity and diversity in the sector.

The PACT Canine Instructor Training Course is the only Animal Behaviour and Training Council-recognised canine course. Successful completion and assessment leads students to becoming an ABTC-recognised animal training instructor.

Corrin Goodall, one of PACT’s directors, said: “Ethics apply right across our organisation, from the methods we teach all the way to how we run the organisation. We have put a lot of effort into ensuring our courses are industry-leading, but maintaining high quality should not mean our courses become exclusive and inaccessible. We’re not pulling up the ladder, we’re opening doors and giving opportunities. The only way this industry changes for the benefit of human and canine welfare is to make it more accessible, and that’s exactly what this scheme aims to do.”

Goodall added: “We’ve kept the application process simple, it’s just an online form that just requires a few pieces of information, plus a statement as to why you should have the scholarship opportunity. To ensure the process is fair, we then remove any information that can identify an individual so that our head of governance independently assesses them based on our Positive Scholarship policy.”

During this round, there will be an opportunity for two people to be awarded scholarships, with at least one full and one partially funded scholarship set to be awarded for PACT’s July course.

Goodall said: “During the first window we received dozens of applications and were delighted to provide scholarships for two students who are now getting stuck in to our April course. Hopefully more people will hear about this next round and we will receive dozens of applications over the next few weeks.”

The four-week window to apply opens on 1 May and the deadline to apply for a scholarship is 28 May.

To find out more about the process, criteria and how to apply click here.

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