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Nylabone adds to its portfolio

Nylabone has added three new chew toys to its portfolio.

The brand has added two products to the Strong Chew Max range, made from rubber for dogs with a ‘determined style of chewing’. The new products include a beef-flavoured medium stuffable Cone for hiding treats and a Braided Ring that doubles up for a game of roll and fetch.

The products also feature raised dental nubs to help to keep teeth clean, while preventing the build-up of tartar.

In addition, a cheese beefburger-flavoured Extreme Ring Chew has been added to Nylabone’s range.

The large chew is made from durable nylon that is suitable for even the strongest of chewers. The ring shape works perfectly for tug play games, while being easy for dogs to hold and chew.

The new products are available to order from Interpet’s trade website.

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