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Sussex park adds free-to-use dog agility equipment

Dog agility equipment, which is free for all to use, has been installed in West Park Recreation Ground in Worthing, Sussex.

A jumping hoop, ramp, and weaving sticks have been installed within the secure, enclosed two-acre dog field situated in the North-West corner of the public park.

The installation was funded by a grant of £1,409 provided by Worthing Community Chest.

There are also plans for a platform/cube combo unit to be added to the trail when additional funding is found in due course.

Adrian Cothard, Chairman of the Friends Of West Worthing Park, told Sussex World: “This is a wonderful addition to the enclosed dog field which was only opened back up to the general public a year ago.

“There has been a significant increase in dog ownership since the pandemic and hopefully this equipment, which is much gentler than competition agility equipment, will provide our thriving dog walking community a great deal of enjoyment for years to come.”

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