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Nylabone unveils three new dog toys

Nylabone has added three new products to its range. 

The first addition is the Sneaky Snacker Treat Toy, which is made from tough durable nylon. The toy has a flexible middle section that opens so that treats or spreads can be added, while its two textured ends satisfy a dog’s natural urge to chew. The Sneaky Snacker features Nylabone’s bacon flavour for life and is currently available in a medium size. 

The company has also added the new Rolley Chew, which is shaped so that is spins and rolls when played with. Available in a large size, it is bacon flavoured, and has two bone shaped ends, so it is comfortable to hold.      

The Extreme Gator Tail Chew is another new addition. With a shape that offers the texture of real animal parts but in a safer, longer lasting, and odour-free way, the Gator Tail is made from Nylabone’s durable nylon that is designed to withstand even the strongest of chewers. It is currently available in a large size and has a chicken flavouring. 

The new products are available to order now from Interpet’s trade website.

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