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‘Notorious’ dog walker under strict court order after dog attacks

A Brighton dog walker whose animals repeatedly attacked people and their pets has been placed under a strict court order that, if broken, will result in a prison sentence.

Terrance Peckham, 67, pleaded guilty on 15 June to three counts of having dogs dangerously out of control causing injury and was given a three-year criminal behaviour order restricting him to walking no more than two dogs at a time, which must be muzzled and on a maximum of 1m lead.

He was also given a suspended prison sentence of six months that would be activated should he breach the order.

The order came after he was reported to have walked a large group of “out-of-control dogs” on several occasions, particularly around the Brighton Racecourse area.

In November 2021, a member of the public walking their dog was injured after several dogs Peckham was walking attacked him and his cockapoo.

A witness described recognising ‘Terry the dog walker’, suggesting Peckham was well known in the area.

A second dog walker was attacked by a group of dogs walked by Peckham in fields near the Racecourse, suffering injuries to his arms and legs.

The same victim was attacked again shortly after, when Peckham approached walking around seven dogs. Both the walker and his dog suffered bite injuries in the attack.

Peckham was subsequently arrested and charged with three counts of having dogs dangerously out of control causing injury.

Inspector Gemma Firth said: “Terrance Peckham was notorious among dog walkers in Brighton for his flagrant disregard for their safety.

“His lack of control over his dogs endangered walkers and their animals, resulting in multiple injuries and risking much more serious consequences.

“This behaviour order should send a clear message that we will use all the powers available to protect the public and, should Peckham breach this order, he faces a jail sentence.


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