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Former pet professional given suspended prison sentence

A Bridgend woman has been given an 18-week suspended prison sentence after she admitted breaching a disqualification order where she had been banned from keeping dogs for five years.

Janine Maloney, the previous owner of dog walking and pet-sitting business named Pet Patrol Club, pleaded guilty to two offences under the Animal Welfare Act on 15 December 2023.

The first offence related to a breach of ban between 21 May and 6 July 2023 – and the second offence related to a further breach on 9 December 2023.

The court heard that the RSPCA obtained evidence that she was breaching her ban by owning a dog and also caring for other people’s dogs.

Maloney had previously been banned from keeping dogs after being sentenced back in February 2023 after two dogs she was pet-sitting were found dead in a car on a hot day.

In the case relating to the recent breach of disqualification, the RPSCA said Maloney was seen having a dog with her while having a meeting, she was seen accepting two dogs and all their belongings from a third party before driving off with them in her car and was seen walking a dog believed to be hers from a car to a flat.

Furthermore, she was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £154 and an order for her dog Badger was made depriving her of ownership.

A family friend was appointed to rehome her dog within 14 days.

In addition, a new disqualification order banning her from keeping dogs for five years was imposed, with the time to contest the order made at three years.

In mitigation, it was heard that she had a dependence on dogs for emotional support which has developed over the years and there was no actual harm caused in the two breach cases. The court heard that she now understands the order.

In sentencing, the judge in the case said: “My view is this is a flagrant and deliberate breach where you have chosen to deliberately ignore the order.

“Your offending continued even after a summons was served upon you.”

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