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Most popular dog names for 2023 in the UK revealed

Milo and Luna are topping the UK’s dog name charts along with film and sports-inspired monikers.

According to, Milo, Teddy, Buddy, Alfie and Max were the top picks for male dogs, while Luna, Bella, Lola, Poppy and Daisy dominated the female dog name list.

Looking at overall trends, this year was all about Barbie, according to the survey, with the name trending up by 1,079%.

Ken is also up by 79%, followed by Alan (64%), Dolly (16%), and Sasha (16%); and in the Barbie/Oppenheimer race, Einstein is down by 35%.

Meanwhile, possibly in homage to the new Wonka film premiering later this year, Violet is up 15% and Willy is up 12%.

Charlie is down by 3%, but Willy Wonka is also on the list this year.

In addition, as the final season of Succession came out this year,’s data shows that the women of the show (plus cousin Greg) inspire pet names the most.

However, Kendall is on the rise, while Logan and Roman are trending down.

What’s more, despite narrowly missing out on winning the Women’s World Cup, the UK’s Lionesses inspire name choices, with Millie, Lucy, and Ella being the most popular women’s football names.

Meanwhile, Russo (+579%), Jill (+191%), and Rachel (+129%) are also trending upward in popularity.

Gender-neutral names for dogs are also rising in the ranks. The most popular is Charlie, followed by George, Riley, Sam, and Dylan.

The dog name Jean is also trending up a massive 1,077%, followed by Taylor (up 123%), and Lou (up 63%).




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