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Introducing Noochy Poochy

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Noochy Poochy is launching the first fully complete vegan dog food suitable for all life stages, including puppy growth, on 4 July.

Why is this a game-changer for the pet food market?

Up to now, no vegan puppy food has been formulated to contain all 3 Omega fatty acids (EPA, DHA and Arachidonic acid) set out in the FEDIAF nutritional guidelines as recommended for puppy growth and development. This is why no vegan puppy food has claimed ‘complete’ before. 

No more supplementing! 

No more hassle trying to supplement fatty acids or protein to bring up plant-based pooches from puppyhood – Noochy Poochy Puppy & Adult small size kibble is fully nutritionally complete.

 Why is this such a big deal?

The launch of Noochy Poochy Puppy & Adult means those owners who are concerned about the sourcing and processing meat that goes into conventional pet food, farm animal welfare (of surveyed owners, farm animal welfare was the No.1 concern across the board) and/or the environmental impact of their pets food – now have a nutritionally complete option to start their dogs on from puppyhood!  

Source: Dodd et al. Plant-based (vegan) diets for pets: A survey of pet owner attitudes and feeding practices, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0210806

What’s in the name?

‘Nooch’ is for nutritional yeast – a superfood that vegans and vegetarians have been sprinkling onto pastas and pizzas for decades because of its delicious cheesy flavour 

Noochy Poochy Puppy & Adult 

Nooch blended with yeast extract give this super small size kibble a delicious cheese and marmite flavour kibble to delight puppy and adult palates alike.

Where is it available to buy?

Independent pet shops, health stores and Planet Organic.

Online at and

What other products are in the Noochy Poochy range?

Noochy Poochy Adult 12mth+ 

Nooch blended with basil, marjoram and thyme give Noochy Poochy Adult 12mth+ kibble a delicious cheese and herb flavour kibble that may of our customer’s owners say tastes like spaghetti bolognese or pizza!