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IMDT urges members to contact minister over shock collars

The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers is urging its members to write to Environment Minister Richard Benyon.

In May the government laid legislation that will completely ban the use of remote-controlled shock collars in England from 1 February 2024.

However, IMDT has heard that Defra has been “strongly lobbied by the pro-shock collar contingency” and, as a result, they have asked for “more voice” from the anti-shock collar campaigners which is needed this month for them to ensure that the regulations pass by September and can be introduced next February.

The IMDT said: “There is currently a serious danger that if they do not hear more from the anti-shock collar lobby they will think that the majority of the profession want to keep shock collars – or at least be swayed by the loudest voices.

“Even if they don’t U-turn, they may just delay and the regulations will be kicked into the long grass and deemed too complicated. As such we need people to write to the minister to voice support for a ban.”

IMDT is also asking its members to write to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and their local MPs on the matter.

Shock collars are currently illegal in Wales and mentioned in the Animal Welfare Act in Scotland.

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