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Grooming business moves into Johnstone’s old registry office

Perth-based LoveDog Grooming has relocated into Johnstone’s old registry office.

The business, which also has a doggy daycare and shop, is now located at 16-18 MacDowall Street.

Owner Maureen Grant told The Gazette: “It’s a much nicer space, with car parking at the back for customers and we’ve got a much bigger outdoor play area.

“Everybody who has come so far has said they absolutely love it and I think the dogs are so much happier being here as well with the natural light coming through the lovely windows.”

LoveDog Grooming held an open afternoon to celebrate the move, offering treats, as well as activities for kids such as face painting and a bouncy castle.

Grant said: “The event is a way of saying thank you to the customers who have supported us all these years, because this business could never have got to where it is without people putting their faith in us and putting their dogs in our care.”

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