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Good Dog Food rebrands to Meatly for UK launch

Cultivated meat pet food Good Dog Food has rebranded to Meatly in preparation for its upcoming UK product launch.

Meatly will sell the first-ever cultivated meat pet food on the market, while having secured partnerships with manufacturers to get their product on shelves.

As part of the rebrand, the company has also launched a new consumer-facing website.

Since its launch in 2022, Meatly has been making meat without animals, by taking a sample of cells from a chicken egg just once to then produce enough meat for its products.

Chief Executive Owen Ensor said: “We chose the name ‘Meatly’ because we wanted to celebrate the fact that that is real meat, made the new way.

“Our hope is that Meatly will quickly become a household name, loved by pets and pet parents alike, and recognised as the choice for healthy, sustainable, delicious pet food.”

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