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Glasgow groomer faces calls to close down after dog death

A dog groomer in Glasgow is facing a petition to close down after allegations that a dog died after becoming unwell during a grooming session.

Dogs R Divas, on Paisley Road West, Glasgow, has been accused of causing the death of a three-year-old Chow Chow named Bonnie after she allegedly suffered “a heatstroke from the hairdryers”.

The dog’s owner, Kerrie Brown, said the dog was at the groomer’s for two hours, during which time she became sick and wet herself.

She received a call from Dogs R Divas “at the two-hour mark” telling her the condition of the dog, and a few minutes later she got another call telling her that the dog was “on the floor, unresponsive”.

“I got her to the emergency vet [in] town in nine minutes to be told she had heatstroke,” the owner said on social media. “They were confused as to where she had been, I explained the story – that she was in a groomers – they immediately said it’s been the dryers.”

A petition to close down the groomer has received more than 370 signatures.

Dogs R Divas has been approached for comment, but was unavailable at the time of writing.


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