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Dog dies while in the care of unregistered Whitburn boarder

The Scottish SPCA has confirmed it is investigating an unregistered boarder in West Lothian after a dog died in its care, and has referred the case to the local authority.

The dog’s owners allege the boarder – trading under the name Scrub a Dug Dug – cremated the French bulldog, named Pablo, without their consent.

According to the owners, the business owner claimed she had taken Pablo for a walk, fed him and then left to groom two of her own dogs, before returning to him a few hours later to find him dead.

The owners allege the boarder made no attempt to contact them, but took the dog to be cremated an hour after he was found dead.

Pablo’s owner, Adam Gardner McLean, wrote on social media: “Joan claimed that she had tried to call us however there was no connection, yet we had been speaking to family members on Facetime etc throughout the day right up until the text message was received, and cannot provide proof a call attempt was made.”

The Canine Times has approached Scrub a Dug Dug for a comment.

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