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Dog owner takes legal action against Whiteley dog groomer

Grooming business Lush Dogs has hit back against allegations of causing injuries to a dog.

Dog owner Georgina Wilson told the Portsmouth News that Pomeranian Kiki came home after a groom on 22 February 2022 with two lumps on her.

She told the newspaper: “I have gone to them a few times before and I never had a problem with them over the last few grooms but when she came out this time, the cut was shorter and I noticed she had two wounds on her neck.”

Wilson is reportedly taking the groomers to court for compensation and is calling for a change to legislation.

However, speaking to The Canine Times, Lush Dogs said the claim that Kiki was injured with scissors during the groom and developed a “skin ailment during the course of the next six days” was “absurd and false”.

Lush Dogs told The Canine Times: “We simply do not recognise what is described here, and we object in particular to the suggestion that we could act without empathy or concern. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“We are confident that the legal process underway, with both veterinary and insurer evidence, will conclude that the allegations and criticisms made by Georgina Wilson and repeated here have no merit and are without foundation.”

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