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Eye dog walking field plans revealed 

Plans for a new dog walking and exercise field on the outskirts of Eye, in Peterborough, have been revealed.

An application has been submitted to change the use of agricultural land at Tanholt Farm to create a “safe and secure” grassland space, with off-road parking that will allow people to exercise dogs.

An area of the field will be fenced off, as well an additional area for car parking and an open lobby area. The area will provide space for two cars and would be accessed directly from the farm track off Eyebury Road.

Residents would be able to book the space in 45-minute slots. with a 15-minute buffer to the next booking.

The site would be open between 7:30am in the summer and 8am to 4pm in the winter months.

The application is to be considered by Peterborough City Council’s planning officers.

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