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Essex dog park opens swimming pool

Run Wild Dog Park in Great Holland, Essex, has opened a new swimming pool for dogs.

Owners can exclusively hire 30-minutes-long sessions, with a staff member, lifejacket and water toys are provided. However, owners are not allowed to get into the pool with theri pets.

The dog attraction is expected to be seasonal and open till mid-autumn.

The company currently has three dedicated dog parks in Twitty Fee in Danbury, Clacton by The Meadows, and Wood View.

Co-founder Caroline McCullagh told Essex Live: “It is a means of dogs getting exercise if they are a bit older and they’re struggling but also a secure place for people to teach their puppies to swim or their dog to enjoy the water.”

Sessions are £33 for one dog and £10 per additional dog up to a maximum of four dogs.

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