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Hatfield boarding business successfully prosecuted

Glendee Boarding Kennels and Cattery in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, has been successfully prosecuted by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council for not having the required licence.

Georgina Armstrong, 54, and Glendee Ltd – who run Glendee Boarding Kennels and Cattery – were taken to St Albans Magistrates Court and prosecuted for trading without a licence under The Animal Welfare Act 2006.

The council’s began investigating Glendee Kennel and Cattery when the premises failed to renew its licence in March 2021.

Despite receiving several warnings and instructions on how to comply with the law, the owners of the premises failed to apply for a new licence to board animals. In March 2022, council enforcement officers visited the premises and confirmed that they were still operating illegally, and further legal action was taken.

In sentencing, the court accepted and took into consideration a key document collected as part of a warrant showing a payment summary taking of around £651,000 and that the defendants continuing to trade without a licence was an aggravating and deliberate act.

Including costs and a victim surcharge, the court fined Glendee Ltd £10,000, and Georgina Armstrong a total of £1,577.

The business has put in an application for a new licence, which is under consideration.

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