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Edinburgh kennels plans ‘to be rejected’ after neighbours complain

Bark n’ Fly, a dog kennel and boarding business in Edinburgh, is expected to be refused planning permission to expand its dog exercise company, along with the construction of kennels, exercise area, and parking.

The company, which is currently situated on Hallyards Road in Newbridge, near Edinburgh Airport, submitted plans for land 200 metres north of 11 Lochend Road. The plans received a mixed response from local residents.

The overall conclusion produced by the planning sub-committee reads: “The proposed use would have an adverse effect on the amenity of neighbouring properties by virtue of increased noise and disturbance. The proposal does not comply with LDP Policy Hou 7. There are no other material considerations to outweigh this conclusion.

“The proposal is contrary to the Local Development Plan Policy Hou 7 in respect of Inappropriate Uses in Residential Areas, as due to the nature of the business it would have adverse noise impacts on neighbouring residential amenity by virtue of noise and disturbance.”

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