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Dunbartonshire woman banned from running dog services from flat

An East Dunbartonshire woman is fighting a ban on offering dog services from her flat in Bearsden, according to reports.

Lindsey Weir offers a dog walking, sitting, and boarding service through her business Lindsey’s Happy Dawgs.

However, she was hit with a notice ordering her to stop her services following a complaint about noise.

East Dunbartonshire Council said: “The planning harm associated with the breach of planning control is the general disruption caused by the operations of the business on neighbouring residents, including increased noise from dogs at the property during the day and more importantly during the night.

“As the property is within a block of flats any disruption caused by the business is particularly apparent.”

Weir has launched an appeal against the ruling and has received support from neighbours and customers.

In her written letter to the government, she said: “I am not causing any noise or disruption to my neighbours, the complainant doesn’t live in my block and is in the block next to mine.

“There is no noise from my dogs in the communal areas as I have trained them not to bark.

“I collect dogs for dog walking from owners’ houses and not in my flat as claimed and boarding dogs don’t cause disturbance to my neighbours.”

A government reporter will issue a decision in due course.

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