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Saltburn dog park given green light

A new dog park is to open in Saltburn, Yorkshire, after the council gave the planning application the go-ahead.

Documents lodged by applicant Andrew Bielby show the land will be securely enclosed with a 1.8m high post and wire deer fence with an additional 0.5m high rabbit fencing partially buried underground, to avoid dogs digging under it.

A 2m wildlife corridor will also run along the outer edge of two sides of the enclosure.

One customer at a time will be allowed in, with a maximum of three dogs, and additional fees for a further five dogs if required.

A ratio of no more than four dogs to one adult is required and the car must always be parked within the secure parking area, which will have two three-meter-wide security gates and a pedestrian gate into the secure area.

Each booking will be for 50 minutes, allowing a ten-minute change over time.

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