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Dog groomers voice concern over flea infestations

Dog groomers across the UK have been raising concerns over an increase in fleas this autumn.

Groomers have taken to social media to express their concerns and share stories of having to shut down their businesses to deal with infestations after clients came into their premises with fleas.

While others have been enquiring whether it’s becoming harder to get rid of fleas.

Writing on a dog groomers’ Facebook group, one professional asked: “Has there been an increase in fleas on the whole? I have had four dogs in the last few weeks!”

A groomer replied: “I was going to ask this today. I ended up cancelling rest of my dogs… I can’t afford for this to keep happening.”

Another said: “Drives me insane. Get one week with no fleas, next week two dogs a day with them.”

One groomer wrote that she has been told by a vet that there is “a massive infestation of fleas in 2023 that is immune to the flea treatments”.

Asked by The Canine Times, the British Veterinary Association said it was not aware of an outbreak. However, earlier in September, a Rentokil study reportedly found a 47% increase in flea infestations, which – according to the experts – was due to the unusually warm autumn weather.

The UK saw its warmest June since 1884, with all four home nations reporting their warmest June on record. This was then followed by above-average (170%) rainfall in July.

Meanwhile, Hull Crown Court was forced to close earlier in October to enable pest controllers to deal with a flea outbreak, according to officials.

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