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Diss groomer to offer free sessions for XL Bullies

Groomer Gail Webster, who owns Gail’s Dog Groom in Diss, Norfolk, is to offer American XL Bully owners the chance to have a free grooming session as she attempts to change the breed’s reputation.

Webster will hold two days of free bathing for the breed at her holistic salon.

She told the Diss Mercury: “I want to shed light on the breed as a gesture of compassion and goodwill to the owners and people need to look at the bigger picture and realise that so many people own these dogs and they don’t pose a threat.”

Webster added: “If you’ve been affected by an attack you would obviously have a completely different viewpoint, but I want to give these dogs a voice while they’re constantly being penalised.

“I don’t think banning them will solve the real problem which lies with backyard breeders and the fact that we don’t know where these dogs are coming from.”

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