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Brucella canis identified in humans as dog infections rise

Three people are believed to have caught Brucella canis, a bacterial infection that leads to infertility in dogs, while infections in dogs are also on the rise.

According to the Human Animal Infections and Risk Surveillance group, since summer 2020, there has been an increase in the number of reports of B. canis infection in dogs, the majority of which have been in dogs directly imported into the UK from Eastern Europe.

The group said the disease in the UK is still principally associated with imported dogs and their canine contacts and/or offspring.

It added: “It is not known if the disease has yet reached a low level of regional endemicity in the UK dog population.”

Those at greater risk of exposure include, according to the group’s report, individuals with the potential for exposure to infected dogs or contaminated materials either in an occupational or domestic setting (for example dog breeders, kennel, veterinary and laboratory staff and owners of infected dogs, especially those which are breeding or birthing).



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