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Yakers adds cranberry chew to range 

Yakers, the manufacturer of 100% natural dog chews and occupiers, has extended its range with a cranberry variant. 

The new variant helps to reduce plaque and tartar, while the added cranberry is designed to help boost the immune system and promote urinary tract health. 

The chew also contains pomegranate – a source of antioxidants – and pumpkin seeds for added fibre plus omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In addition, it incorporates activated charcoal to help soothe and alleviate symptoms of mild gastrointestinal upset when needed. 

Brand Manager Ellie Hall said: “We always strive to offer the very best for dogs, and with this new flavour, we’ve managed to combine taste and health in a way never seen before in the UK market. 

“The Cranberry flavour landing so close to Christmas also makes it an ideal gifting treat, and we believe Superfoods Cranberry Yakers will soon become a household favourite.” 

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