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Welsh summit explores responsible dog ownership

A summit to explore what more can be done in Wales to promote and improve responsible dog ownership has taken place.

The summit, which was called by Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths, brought together representatives from local government, the police, public health, third sector organisations, and those campaigning for both the welfare of dogs and the safety of the general public. 

The summit explored what works now and what additional steps can be taken to promote and improve responsible dog ownership. 

Laws protecting the public from dangerous dogs are not devolved and are a matter for the UK government. However, issues such as breeding, pet sales, and raising awareness of responsible dog ownership can be dealt with in Wales. 

Speaking ahead of the summit, Griffiths said: “We have seen far too many dog attacks over the past few years and, while changes to the law on dangerous dogs is a matter for the UK government, there are things we can address in Wales, such as improving enforcement of current legislation, education, and raising awareness. 

“The summit brings together all the key players so we can see what works now, where there are gaps, and where we can take more action.” 

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