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UK’s top dog-loving cities revealed

Swindon has highest number of dogs per person in the UK, new research reveals. 

The study by pet insurer Waggle compared 2023 data on dog population against the human population of each city that houses at least 100,000 people to discover where the dog ownership rate is at its highest. 

Topping the list is Swindon, with a ratio of 316.48 dogs per 1,000 humans, following closely behind is Chester with 274.47 dogs per 1,000 humans. 

The full list of the UK’s top dog-loving cities is: Swindon (316.48 dogs per 1,000 humans), Chester (274.47), Hereford (271.19), Cambridge (257.06), Solihull (252.75), Kettering (252.34), Gloucester (249.06), Wrexham (246.98), Preston (246.56), and Bath (244.9). 

Andrew Leal, Chief Executive of Waggel, said: “Regardless of the UK being a highly pet-friendly country in general, it’s interesting to see how all the cities in the top 10 offer both owners and dogs broad and frequent recreative areas to enjoy each other’s company. 

“Understanding this and other trends that influence the ranking, the study offers valuable insights into the diverse factors influencing dog ownership and community dynamics across different cities.”

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