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Dog owners don’t research breeds before buying

One in four dog owners spend two hours or less researching before they bought their pet, a new survey reveals. 

The survey, commissioned by The Kennel Club, shows that 21% of owners say they regret not spending more time researching before selecting a breed.  

A dog’s personality and behaviour (51%) are the most important consideration when choosing a puppy, with the breed or crossbreed second (45%). 

Price (38%), where the puppy was located (31%), and specific requirements – such as exercise, grooming and health (29%), and that they were cute (26%) are also important. 

The survey reveals that 30% of owners believe their dog doesn’t suit their lifestyle, with 14% also admitting they regret the breed they chose. 

Bill Lambert, spokesperson for The Kennel Club, said: “There are well over 200 breeds of dogs in the UK and each one is different – in shape, size, personality and needs. Would-be owners should learn as much as they can about breeds they’re interested in, both their good traits and possible downsides.

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