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The Innocent Hound adds picnic bars

The Innocent Hound has launched limited-edition Game Picnic Bars, which are designed for dogs on active adventures.

The hand-crafted treats, made in Yorkshire, feature 30% British venison and 30% British duck, enhanced with cranberry and rosehip. The bars are gently air-dried to retain their nutrients and flavour, providing a wholesome snack for dogs.

Each package of Game picnic bars contains two pieces, with a recommendation to feed up to one bar per day as part of a balanced diet. They are designed to either be given as a full bar high reward treat, or broken up to be enjoyed in smaller bites throughout the day. These premium treats are created from the finest ingredients, aiming to offer a delightful experience for canine companions.

Founder Chloe Heaton said: “The idea behind our limited-edition range was to develop new recipes to tie in with the seasons and weather changes. Our Game picnic bars are the perfect summer, high reward treat. The rosehip and cranberry help pack vitamins into the bars, but also make them even more enjoyable and tasty for adventurous hounds”.

Game Picnic Bars, which are available in a recyclable pack containing two pieces, retail at at £5.30.

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