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Suffolk groomer set for high street move

Suffolk groomer Anna Pavey, who owns Haverhill-based The Dog and Collar, is preparing to expand the business with a move to a high street salon.

Pavey, who launched her business from her home in 2021, plans to open the new salon at 95 High Street on 25 November. 

She told the East Anglian Daily Times: “The shop is all coming along very nicely, we just have finishing touches and painting left, which is already mostly done.”

She added: “When I opened the business from home it was a big step, because when I was in school I knew I wanted to be a dog groomer, now opening the new salon is another massive step. I didn’t think this would ever happen.” 

Pavey hopes in the future they can turn the front of the salon into a retail section selling various items for dogs. Pavey’s mother, Joanne, will also be working in the salon as an assistant. 

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