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Stroud to keep dog controls after rules review

The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for dog control in Stroud, Gloucestershire, is to remain in place for a further three years. 

The rules will remain in force after a public consultation. Responses saw majority support from formal consultees and the public for retaining all four PSPOs unchanged in the Stroud District Council area. 

The rules that remain in place mean dog owners must continue to: 

  • Pick up dog faeces. 
  • Put dogs on leads when directed to do so by an officer. 
  • Keep dogs out of areas signed as exclusion areas, e.g. children’s play areas. 
  • Keep dogs on leads in designated areas such as allotments, cemeteries, car parks, canal towpaths, designated cycle tracks and specified footpaths used to reach schools and colleges. 

Owners who breach these rules in Stroud could be liable for a £75 fine, which could be escalated to appearing in court with a fine of up to £1,000 in cases where dog faeces are not picked up. 

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